Joar Nilssen is StartLife’s startup analyst. He is responsible for scouting and analyzing agtech and biotech startups. Each year, he meets hundreds of innovative startups and quickly discovers changing patterns and movements in the agrifood markets. Today, Joar shares what he is observing in the current agrifoodtech startup climate.

Global trends

Admittedly, enough pieces have been written on the impact of corona. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that the Covid-19 crisis is currently the most important factor influencing the startup ecosystem. On a macro scale, there has been an increased focus on national production, as the weaknesses of globalization have been exposed.

As is often the case in times of crisis, there are industries that are decimated, while others thrive in the chaos. We have all seen how online platforms, such as video software providers and food delivery services, were among the foremost beneficiaries, while the catering industry and events sector grinded to a halt.

As a secondary effect, there have been more social enterprises regarding meal-sharing and helping-hand initiatives. The trend of digitization had already permeated the agricultural sector in recent years, accelerating the transition towards a more data-driven approach.