The success of the various multi-tenant buildings on the TripleO Campus is asking for follow-up. Which is why Kadans Science Partner is starting the construction of a new addition to the creative campus: Merkhuis.

Merkhuis will be located directly in between the other buildings. This will make it part of the heart of the campus. Merkhuis offers space to growing and established companies and organizations in the creative and innovative sector. The spaces are flexible, which means that every tenant can roll out their own creative concept. In addition, on the ground floor there will be communal meeting facilities and a central meeting space, in order to stimulate the local ecosystem.

Merkhuis already has its first tenant. A Brand New Day, a company that focuses on the marketing and sales of international top brands in the Dutch drinks market, is moving from Blushuis to Merkhuis. As co-initiators of Merkhuis, this will meet their growth needs on the TripleO Campus.

TripleO Campus Breda
The TripleO Campus is the center for creativity and technology in Breda and the surrounding area. Here, professionals from over 100 companies from different creative disciplines work together. The combination of high-quality spaces and shared facilities, such as the communal outdoor space, studios, grand café ‘CAN10’ (completely renovated in March 2019) and meeting rooms, stimulate mutual collaboration. Kadans already has several buildings on the TripleO Campus, in addition to AV-Huis, Blushuis, Pakhuis and Posthuis is now adding Merkhuis.