Ontwikkelcentrum to stay on Wagengingen university campus.

Ontwikkelcentrum has recently extended their lease with Kadans Science Partner. “We are very happy with the extension of our lease contract for our office. In 2016, we moved from Ede to Plus Ultra on the Wageningen University campus. As publisher for the green sector, this is the spot for us, in the middle of the heart where green knowledge originates.”

This year, Ontwikkelcentrum celebrates their 25-year anniversary. In 25 years, they have grown to be the publisher for green education. Every day, they work in Plus Ultra on up-to-date and professional educational tools. Together with teachers, entrepeneurs and researchers they develop educational tools for various green educational institutes for vmbo, mbo, courses and contract education.

Ontwikkelcentrum is to stay in Plus Ultra on Wageningen Campus for the next few years. In addition to students and employees, many unique and innovative businesses are active on the campus. Kadans Science Partner focuses on the development and lease of multi-tenant buildings on science parks and university campuses, including Wageningen Campus.