Kadans Science Partner is soon going to develop and operate a new multi-tenant building on Leiden Bio Science Park.

The new building will be located next to the entrance of Leiden Bio Science Park and will focus on companies and institutes in the Life Sciences sector. With its 15,000 m2 surface of offices, laboratories and general facilities to strengthen the innovative ecosystem of Leiden Bio Science Park, this new building provides a solution to the growing need for tailor-made accommodation on the park.

The new building is located directly on the Plesmanlaan next to the entrance to the center area of the campus. This new center area will provide various facilities, such as facilities for living, food services and leisure, with residing and meeting being the central themes.

The goal is for the design and development of this state-of-the-art laboratory and office building to receive a BREEAM-NL Excellent certificate. By doing so, the development confirms the ambition of Kadans to add sustainable buildings to the portfolio.

Leiden Bio Science Park is one of the top science parks in The Netherlands and is leading in the areas of Life Sciences and Health. Over 130 businesses and multiple educational and research institutes are located there. Leiden University and Leiden University Medical Center are pronounced knowledge institutes on campus.


Kadans Science Partner is specialized in the development of, investment in and management of buildings for the knowledge-intensive sector on and near science parks and university campuses. With her specific knowledge and experience, large network and financial strength, Kadans Science Partner expects to largely expand its real estate portfolio within the next years.