You are a spin-off of the TU/e and have now chosen to set up your own location. Why did you choose Meulensteen House of Robotics and why did you want to stay on campus?
House of Robotics from Kadans offers a stimulating environment with enterprising companies and institutes in medical and high-tech systems.

What are your expectations of your presence on campus? What do you want to achieve?
Preceyes is a spin-off of TU/e and AMC Amsterdam. This technological and clinical background is an important basis for our developments.

With which organizations on the TU/e Campus do you already work together and what do you do together?
Preceyes cooperates with different faculties in research and education. The emphasis is on the mechanical engineering faculty. Students and PhD students work on different subjects within national and international research projects.

Are there other organizations on the TU/e Campus with whom you would like to collaborate?
The campus is home to several start-ups and spin-offs with which Preceyes maintains close contact or collaborates; parties that are in a similar phase of development and are also active in medical technology. The fast-growing Eindhoven Medical Robotics is a good example of an ambitious start-up that also rents in the House of Robotics.

How can you help the other organizations on the TU/e Campus?
Preceyes develops and commercializes a medical robot for eye surgery. The system is CE approved, is used in several hospitals and a first system is currently being installed in the US. Preceyes has specific knowledge in the field of eye surgery, precision robotics and medical regulations.