Leijenaar Electronics has been renting an office in Building A at the Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen since August. William Leijenaar, owner of Leijenaar Electronics, tells us how his first months on campus have been.

“The collaboration with Kadans has been great,” William indicates. “A lot is being done to make it easy for the companies and to be able to connect with each other.” He describes Kadans as open, customer focused and active in getting companies to connect with each other.

“As a small business, I am very visible now,” William continues. “I am close to my customers and companies that are in the same industry as well, this is a big advantage of the campus.” He indicates that Leijenaar Electronics currently has three collaborations underway with companies within the campus. Contact is easily made during coffee or lunch breaks or by just walking in on a fellow tenant for a brief chat.