Kadans Science Partner is selected by the municipality of Enschede and University of Twente as the long-term investment partner for the development of Kennispark Twente. 

The municipality of Enschede, the University of Twente and Kennispark are closely cooperating on the area development of Kennispark. Their ambition is for the area to become a top location for the accommodation of UT-startups and high tech companies, investing in the development of lab infrastructure and an appealing working and living environment for talent. Because of the presence of the University of Twente and the focus on high tech companies, Kennispark is one of the most important innovation campuses of the Netherlands in the area of photonics, personal health care and smart materials. With the cooperation of Kadans, plans on paper can now become reality, starting with the development of more lab space for medtech startups and the creation of an innovative ecosystem.

Choosing Kadans: dedicated to the knowledge-intensive sector
Kadans Science Partner is a long-term investor dedicated to the knowledge-intensive sector with great knowledge on the required infrastructure in a high tech environment. Kadans is involved in various university campuses and science parks, such as Utrecht Science Park, Wageningen Campus, TU/e Campus in Eindhoven and the Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen. Kennispark Twente is another great addition to the international campus portfolio of Kadans.

Kadans offers specific accommodation to businesses and research institutions active in the area of both science and commerce in order to contribute to the valorization of knowledge in Europe. Kadans creates open innovation hubs with vibrant communities and stays involved throughout the full life cycle of campuses and their businesses.

The coming months, a cooperation agreement will be drafted specifying the buildings to be developed and the allocation of tasks between Kadans, the municipality, UT and Kennispark.