Kadans Science Partner is increasing building sustainability of its existing portfolio. While new developments such as Accelerator and Plus Ultra Leiden are designed with sustainability always in mind, Kadans also has eye for improving the sustainability of the previously redeveloped buildings in its portfolio. Thursday, Kadans started fitting the roofs of several buildings in the Netherlands with a large amount of solar panels.

First up is BioPartner Center Wageningen. The building was once Kadans’ first multi-tenant building for start-ups, scale-ups and R&D departments, and the beginning of our focus on the knowledge-intensive sectors. The building on Wageningen Campus will be fitted with 596 solar panels, with a total capacity of 196.680 Wp. Due to favorable positioning towards the south, the panels on this building alone will produce 192.785 kWh on average per year.

After BioPartner Center Wageningen various other buildings will be fitted with solar panels as well. Kadans is looking at Building A and Building M on Novio Tech Campus, as well as the MMP building on TU/e Campus, which is currently being redeveloped. In total the roofs will be the home of over 2500 new solar panels.