Wednesday afternoon we celebrated a milestone, the start of the construction of Plus Ultra Leiden at the Leiden Bio Science Park. Together with those involved, Kadans Science Partner toasted at the construction site in Leiden.

The multi-tenant building will be the first development in the Kop van Leeuwenhoek subarea, located on the Ehrenfestweg, one of the entrances to Leiden Bio Science Park. The municipality of Leiden welcomed Kadans. „Leiden is no coincidence for Kadans, it is a place where talent has come together for many centuries, where discoveries are made that benefit mankind. We need parties like Kadans to further strengthen that community,“ said alderman Paul Dirkse on Wednesday afternoon.

Plus Ultra Leiden, as the new multi-tenant building will be called, will become a new business center for companies and institutions active in Biosciences, Life Sciences & Health. „Here, public and private parties will come together to work on innovations in the field of bioscience. The multi-disciplinary possibilities in this building are unique and will help us to further grow into an innovation district,“ said Ida Haisma, Director of Leiden Bio Science Park.

With 19,000 m2 of floor space for offices, laboratories and general facilities, Plus Ultra Leiden offers an answer to the growing need for tailor-made accommodation. By realizing extensive possibilities for meetings, events, lunches and presentations, the exchange of knowledge is promoted and the cooperation between startups, scale-ups and large established companies and institutions is stimulated.

Plus Ultra Leiden offers various facilities, including its own parking spaces. Many new facilities are also being realized around the building. „This is the best place, the biggest developments will take place here. This is the heart of the campus, next to the building there will be many other catering establishments, a sports center and a parking garage,“ says Michel Leenders, director of real estate at Leiden University.

In the photo from left to right: Paul Dirkse (Gemeente Leiden), Michel Leemhuis (Kadans Science Partner), Ida Haisma (Leiden Bio Science Park) en Michel Leenders (Universiteit Leiden).